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Woman Wakes Up With Mysterious Bruises Everyday. So They Installed A CCTV Which They Later Regret!

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There are hundreds of thing that could happen when are sleeping soundly at night, but since we are dozed off and our minds are floating in our dreams, our bodies could not feel anything happening from our waking life.

Because of this some people often wake up realizing that they already have fallen down from the bed, others have switched sleeping position while some are even getting naked while asleep. Sleep walk is also a very common unconscious thing our body does when we are snoozing.

But one unidentified woman has been waking up constantly in the morning with bruises all over her body. What’s bothering her is that she could not remember any incident that may lead her to have such bruises.
So she and her husband decided to install a CCTV camera inside their room so they can finally figure out what is causing the said injuries.

When they reviewed what the CCTV footage has captured, they saw a shocking revelation which answered their question.

Watch the CCTV footage below:

Gotcha! LOL!

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