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Why Do People We Haven’t Seen In Years Appear On Our Dreams! Here’s The Answer To That Mystery!

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What if people you haven’t seen in years, appeared your dreams? Dreams, often open questions that have no answers.  It makes people think about the possibilities of why they had that dream.

One example is, why do we dream about people that we haven’t even seen in years. But in that dream, it seems like you just talked to each other yesterday. It makes us curious and interested in knowing the reason why we dreamed about that person.

Sometimes, people said that when you see people in your dreams, it means that either you’re thinking of them often subconsciously or they are the ones who are thinking about you. Though it is not proven scientifically, people believe in that assumption.

In a recent video uploaded in ABS-CBN’s No Ink, Kim Atienza, the “Matanglawin” and “It’s Showtime” host shared that the reason behind why are we having those kinds of intriguing dreams is that we have some unfinished business with that specific person. Maybe we need to talk to them or we miss them or we need something from them; either way, dreams can be a sign that we need to reach out to that specific someone.

Kuya Kim also said : “Case to case basis ang interpretation ng panaginip. Dahil maraming factors ang puwedeng magimpluwensya ng panaginip.”

“Nasa iyo kung paano mo ii-interpret ang panaginip mo sa taong iyon. Kaya isipin mo kung ano ang mga posibleng sagot kung bakit siya ang napanaginipan mo. Ano ang mga incomplete mo sa taong iyon? Mga gusto mo sanang nagawa at nasabi?”

He also cited the work of famous neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

Watch the full video below:

Did you got your answers to your “dream question” or did more questions pop up in your head? If you still have many questions about your dreams, comment them down below.

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