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WATCH: Sizzling Hot Ashley Rivera Joined the 'Despacito' Fever And Left Everyone Drooling!

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Ever since the internet (and the world) got to know the person behind the online-famous “Petra Mahalimuyak,” they have been curious about who Ashley Rivera was exactly, and why did she hide behind a comedic-sounding name?

Ashley was not one to disappoint, though. When she flew out of her carved online persona, she wowed the world with her sexiness. According to ABS-CBN News, in 2014, she landed on the front cover of “FHM Philippines” and surprised her viewers and followers.

It indicated that there was something else about Ashley Rivera that people should know about. What she had just revealed was the tip of the iceberg and immediately after, the girl’s string of worshippers grew rapidly on social media platforms.

Now, according to GMA News Online, she has once again raised the bar with her hot performance of the hit song “Despacito” that was sung by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. The source said that she wore a red swimsuit that was “straight out of ‘Baywatch.’

Ashley Rivera uploaded the dance cover on her own Instagram account which has currently gained 113,057 views as of this writing. Lots of netizens commented on the video and expressed their own thoughts. The most usual ones were “wow” and a set of “sizzling” emojis.

It was revealed that she wore a swimsuit by Coco Bliss Manila, an online retailer that sells swimsuits of different designs and color to suit the preference of every woman. According to their own Instagram account, they are currently based in Taft, Manila.

Ashley Rivera’s Instagram profile says that she is a “comedienne by day (with a headphone emoji) and a DJ by night.” She has 123 thousand followers on her account as of this writing. Her most recent posts feature her having fun in a resort and being with her friends as she attended events.

Want to see how much Ashley Rivera could sizzle on the dance floor? 

See her video below that was uploaded by YouTube channel ‘facebook viral:’

What do you think about Ashley Rivera’s dance cover? Hot? Not? Let us know your comments on this below.


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