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This Girl Who Rejected a Guy After He Asked Her out Immediately Regretted Her Decision Afterwards! Find out Why Here!

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There are women who are very particular about the financial status of the people they date. These ladies are branded as “gold diggers.” Unfortunately, lovestruck rich people wouldn’t be able to tell (or couldn't care less, we supposed) if the women they are dating are gold diggers.

YouTube user Model Prankster decided to do a social experiment and set up a hidden camera to expose a certain woman for her gold-digging tendencies. On the busy streets of New York, a guy wearing a baseball cap and a common t-shirt approached a woman who was reading a book. 

The guy then asked her nicely for her number and wondered if she would go out with him. The girl then said “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.” 

The guy then decided to leave the girl alone and not pursue her anymore.  Around 45 minutes later, the crowd gathered on the sidewalk with photographers and reporters.  

The source of the commotion turns out to be an expensive car with a famous personality as its driver. Out of curiosity, the woman joined the bystanders and asked for a selfie with the “famous” guy. She even asked him to kiss her on the cheek but she quickly turned her head towards him so that his lips would land on hers.

Watch what the famous person asked her when she was about to give him her number.

Watch the video below.

This just goes to show that women should start paying attention more to the personality of a guy instead of his bank account. 

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