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Sixteen-Year-Old Boy Dies After Masturbating 42 Times In Less Than 24 Hours!

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Masturbation is a normal thing for guys especially when they hit puberty stage when their hormones are outraging and overflowing with desire. Just in case you are not aware of what we’re talking about here, it is the self-stimulation of genitals to achieve sexual arousal.

Hardvard’s Health Professional Followup study says that masturbation may actually help to lower the risk of prostate cancer; however, too much touching of one self and ejaculation may actually put your life in danger.

Just like what happened to a 16-year-old guy in Brazil who died after masturbating non-stop for 42 times in less than 24 hours.

The mother of the teenage boy whose name was not disclosed admitted that she is aware of her son’s addiction. In fact, she is already planning to seek medical help for his son, but her decision to do so came too late.

She said that the young man started masturbating at midnight and spent all night long to touch and pleasure himself.

The guy’s classmates were also aware of his obsession and admitted that some of them were asked by the guy to connect via webcam so he can observe them while doing his sensual touching habit. 

Some of his friends also said that the guy has a huge attraction to all kinds of women, regardless of age, body type, skin tone, or appearance.

After his death, a lot of pornographic materials were found inside his room including photos and videos of nude women on his personal computer.

As the saying goes “too much of anything is good for nothing,” so guys, learn from this teenager’s experience and masturbate moderately.

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