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Shocking Video Reveals What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles

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Are you one of those who indulge yourself with instant ramen noodles regardless of the weather? Well, we can’t blame you because it’s cheap, easy to prepare, and equally delicious as the once you can order in restaurants.

But did you know that these instant noodles actually take longer to digest in our stomach compared to the noodles without preservatives? One scientist from Massachusetts made a study on how our digestive system reacts on these instant ramen noodles.
Dr. Branden Kuo from Massachusetts General Hospital put a tiny pill-sized camera inside the stomach of a volunteer who just ate instant ramen noodles; they did it in order to observe what happens once it reached the stomach.

What they discovered from the live video will surely shock and change the mind of instant noodle lovers.

Dr. Kuo and his team observe that our stomach had difficulty in digesting the noodles, after 2 hours the meal was still intact.

Prior to this experiment, the volunteer also ate homemade noodles and they observed that it is quicker to digest and absorb as 2 hours after eating, there was hardly anything left in his stomach.

However, Dr. Kuo said that their study is relatively small to conclude that instant noodles are harmful to our health. He added that they needed to do further research to establish the effects of the slow digestive process on our gastrointestinal tract and our body as a whole.

Watch their experiment below:

Clearly, one pack of instant noodles won’t kill you but this revelation should be a warning to all instant noodle lovers as it may put a strain on our digestive tract.

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