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Proud Wife Shares Photos of Her Husband to Slam Stereotyping Against Couples Who Don’t Match

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People nowadays are getting more and more attached to the society’s standard of beauty. Because of the numerous advertisement portraying men and women with fair skin, perfect teeth, and sexy body as the meaning of beautiful, people are now blinded with the real meaning of beauty which should reflect from what’s coming from the inside or the person’s attitude.

Because of this unreachable and unrealistic standard of beauty, people are also very quick to judge those couple who does not seem to “match” with each other’s beauty. But one woman stood up and breaks this stereotype despite being criticized by netizens.

When Dengs San Pedro shared her photo with her husband on social media, netizens quickly bashed and judged his husband for not being as good looking as her.

For these judgemental people, San Pedro’s husband is not good looking enough because he has dark skin which does not match his wife’s fair complexion. Some also suggest that San Pedro should find another man who will fit her level of beauty.

But being proud of her husband, San Pedro expressed that she doesn’t mind other people’s opinion because she loves her husband dearly and for her, he is the most handsome man alive.

It is also very obvious in the photos that San Pedro was very happy in the loving arms of her husband. Some netizens said that San Pedro’s husband certainly hit the jackpot, but for her, she is the lucky one for having loved by a man like her husband.

Kudos to this woman who never let the society dictates her heart and loves without any judgment. We wish more women will be like you, Miss Dengs!

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