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Pregnant Wife Punishes Cheating Husband’s Mistress by Stuffing Super-Hot Chili Into Her Vagina!

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Cheating is the most painful thing one could experience in a relationship, and sometimes it leads the other party to do horrible things to take revenge on his cheating partner or the third party involved.

Just like what this pregnant wife from Vietnam did after she caught her husband cheating. She punished her husband by putting tons of chili peppers and salt to his mistress’ vagina.

It all started when 23-year-old Ly Chanel suspected that her 24-year-old husband, Chien Keo was cheating after he constantly disappears during the wee hours of the night.

To finally end her conclusion, the soon-to-be mom together with her 4 friends followed Chien one night and caught him going inside a motel in Thai Nguyen province.

The furious Ly confronted them and did her revenge; she started wearing latex gloves while three of her friends held down the mistress and the other friend is capturing the wife’s vengeance.

The mistress was held down by her head, arms, and legs as Ly opens a bag of super-hot 200,000 scobille units bird’s eye chilies and stuffed it inside the woman’s private part.

But Ly’s revenge didn’t end there as her group also posted photos of their cruel revenge as a punishment to his cheating husband and the mistress.

The said photos immediately went viral online and sparked furious backlash against the pregnant wife. Some said that instead of punishing the mistress, they should have’s targeted her philandering husband.

In a Facebook post, the 3-months pregnant Ly defended herself and said:

“Would my husband like me to live happily to welcome his child? How can he care for us if he then he cheats with another girl. A woman who destroys the family. Women can forgive easily but they can never forget. Jealousy is painful. She will know this.”

She added that she does not aim to please everyone with what she did, 

“There are people who hate me now, but life is like that, you cannot please everyone. Whoever does what he or she does is their business. But let’s share something that should be shared to see the truth, and do not talk bad about people,”

Meanwhile, police said they never received any complaint from the mistress but said that Ly could face charges from the police for what she did.

District attorney’s office lawyer Giang Hong Thanh said, 

“First of all, it is necessary to share and sympathize with the wife’s psychological state of affairs in this case if it is indeed the case that a woman who has been rubbed has damaged her family’s well-being. However, rubbing chili in another person’s sensitive area and posting the clip on the internet is a sign of humiliating others.”

The lawyer added that if the mistress suffered from any injury caused by the chili stuffed by Ly, the revenging wife could face charges under the, 

“Article 104 of the Penal Code which may be subjected to administrative sanction and a fine of from £70 to £100.”

Source: Facebook

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