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LOOK: Israeli Soldier Kim Mellibovsky Makes Instagram Sizzle With Her Racy Pictures!

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An Israeli soldier is climbing to the top of Instagram’s most favorite stars. Kim Mellibovsky’s feed is on fire with her racy pictures wearing very revealing bikinis and a tight uniform. She has won over thousands of fans by giving them access to her provocative snaps. She offers the best of both worlds, with a bikini and a drink in one hand, and in a uniform with a gun on the other.

The Israeli soldier’s Instagram feed also contains pictures of her night-outs with friends, dressed glamorously of course. She also takes selfies of herself practicing her pout in the bedroom. Her military photos contain her smiling with sunglasses and also taking part in shooting practices.

The Israeli Defence Forces require women to do military service. Another famous woman known to have complied to this ordinance is Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. The males are required to serve for two years and eight months while the women only need two.

For a long time society has restricted women into specific roles, like nursing and teaching. The Israeli army’s move is one that challenges the stereotypical portrayal of women as domestic beings. The ordinance also contributes to the strengthening of the Israeli army.

Kim Mellibovsky and Gal Gadot are examples of the woman’s ability to be feminine but still take on “manly” services. It is necessary to point out though, that most of these photos are used by the media exploitatively.

Men and women both admire her and want to be like her. She is a badass woman.

What do you think of this Israeli soldier’s Instagram feed? Will you find yourself following her as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: LackFeed / DailyMail


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