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"Hindi ko naman deserve na bastusin ako ng ganito!" This Girl Posted Her Online Conversation With A Guy But You Will Never Expect What Happened In The End!

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As some of you may know, a lot of perverts conduct their shady business on the internet. We’re not trying to scare you – it’s just that these ill-mannered people do exist. These perverts prowl social media in search of women they’ll try to seduce via video chat and show off their manhood. In essence, it’s a form of online harassment.

It’s become a trend that these daring exhibitionists expose themselves to women who just want to be left alone. As if women actually respond positively to unwarranted d*ck pics.

This female netizen shared her experience of online harassment when this random guy began a video chat with her – and began playing with himself!

The netizen quickly took screenshots of this pervert’s antics and demanded he stops calling her. The guy was desperately trying to convince the netizen into ‘showing hers’ via chat. Naturally, the woman didn’t indulge in his request.

She did, however, convince the pervert to show his face a few more times. That way she can expose him to other netizens who might be victims of the same online harassment. It’s not like the guy has any objections to exposing himself anyway.

Read this pervert’s sickening antics in these screen captured photos:

Absolutely disgusting! The pervert’s Facebook account has since been deactivated since the writing of this article.

Many netizens told the victim that she shouldn’t have bothered entertaining the pervert and that she should have blocked him immediately. Others say she was right in exposing the guy and his online harassment – because no one should have to adjust to that kind of annoyance.

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

What do you have to say about perverts like these who expose themselves to unsuspecting women? Have you experienced this sort of harassment before?

Share your reactions and stories in the comments section below! 

Source: Facebook

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