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'Dumayo Pa Talaga Ng Cavite Para Lang Magpakamot Sa Boyfriend Ko' Girlfriend Shames Girl Online After Getting Caught On Her Boyfriend's Room!

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People cheat in different reasons. People do engage in sexual or romantic entanglements after making a vow of commitment towards their loved ones underlie psychological reasons.
This comes if your partner supposes unreasonable expectations, confused about love, insecure, or maybe is bored and overworked and feels deserving of something special that is just for him / her.

But whatever the reason, cheating is very wrong as you are not only putting yourself in shame, but also the people who will get hurt in the process.

A Facebook user named Alliah C. Suriaga shared the experience of being cheated on social media after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She said in the post "Yung feeling na ganto maabutan ko sa kwarto namen ng bf ko hahaha mahuhuli mo aktong akto dumayo pa talaga ng cavite para lang MAGPAKAMOT SA BOYFRIEND KO.😅 Kabit ng taon Jessy Mae Sy sayo na ang korona te hahaha 😅 patago tago ka pa sa kumot bakit nahihiya ka? PAKANTOT PA MORE.😂 Bi pa ang tawagan BIBIyakin ka lang nyan. HAHAHAHA😂😂😂 #kaskaspepe #kaskascard #pawalkngtaon"

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