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Chinese Coal Miner Had no Money, Car, or a House, But Russian Woman Marries Him Anyway For Love!

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After half a year of dating, he proposed to her—and she immediately said yes. Many women today look for partners who are financially stable. In Chinese society, marriage has often become a financial transaction for many. It is no surprise that some women are even called gold-diggers for marrying wealthy men instead of marrying for love. Because of this, it became a rarity to see beautiful women marrying ordinary men—especially those who are financially deprived

However, this Russian woman just proved that women like her still exist in the world. Sophia, 22, came to the border city of Heihe five years ago to study Chinese. After a few years of studying in the said country, she started to fall in love with the country’s culture and its people. She learned to speak Mandarin fluently and decided to work in a Chinese company after graduation, instead of returning to Russia.

In 2016, she met Chen, 28, through a friend. Chen mustered up courage and asked her for her WeChat account. Since then, they became close and ultimately developed a love that would make the world jealous.

Chen wasn’t rich. As a matter of fact, he was a simple coal miner who had no savings, no car, and no house. But Sophia knew she had found ‘the one’. Sophia said that it was love at first sight. After one week of dating, she asked off from work to go visit Chen at the coal mine. Soon, she decided to quit her job altogether to pursue their relationship. For two months, she lived in shabby mining housing with outdoor toilets and baths.

Their life was hard, but she was extremely happy. She said:  “I believe that love is the most important thing. We just need to work hard, and I’m sure that we’ll soon be able to buy a home and car.

Chen has quit his job at the coal mine. In April, the couple plan to visit Sophia’s home in Russia for a formal ceremony. As for their future, they say they plan to start a business in Russia and travel back and forth between their two homes.


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