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'BINALIKAN NIYA KO, HINDI KA NA NIYA MAHAL!' Alleged Wife And Mistress Were Caught On Cam Fighting Inside An FX!

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Cracker Videos posted a short clip onto their Facebook page that documented a case of domestic violence instigated inside a crowded FX PUV or UV Express between what seems to be a man’s wife and his mistress. The video begins with the wife and mother in the middle seat behind the driver violently yanking the hair of the alleged mistress in the front passenger seat.

The wife and mother seemed to be saying “naninira ka ng pamilya” while pulling at the alleged mistress’ hair, all the while holding her baby daughter who appears to be around  2 or 3 years of age.  The driver can also be heard protesting the violence in his vehicle.

When the wife and mother finally let go of the alleged mistress’ hair she said “Ayan makakababa ka na, Salamat ah” while snarling and bobbing her head as would be expected if she was indeed cheated on by her husband by the seemingly indignant alleged mistress.

The wife and mother then go at it again, yanking at the alleged mistress’ hair once more, this time with so much violence that the alleged mistress’  head was extended into the middle seating area of the vehicle.

While pulling at the alleged mistresses’ hair, she repeatedly said “…sira ka ng pamilya! Sinira mo pamilya ng anak ko!”. The poor driver stuck in the middle of this ruckus could only repeat “Ate, ate, ate. Tama na ate!” hoping for a cease to the violence.

The wife and mother finally let go of the alleged mistress’ hair, who immediately began to alight from the vehicle, but while doing so she said:


Leaving the wife and mother lived while yelling “BWISET!” before the video clip ended.

The short video is only 28 seconds long but the effects of this fight will surely leave lasting scars on a family.

Watch the whole video below:
Cracker Videos does not name the person who took the video, and we were unable to contact either party for comment. Although we cannot verify the stories of either side, we still find the actions of the wife and mother deplorable (although understandable). Assault is still assaulted and violence is still violence, the alleged mistress might be a home wrecker but remember it takes two to tango.

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

What did you think of that video of domestic violence on public transport? Have you ever witnessed anything like that before? Do you think that the wife and mother should have done what she did?

Share your experiences and opinions with us and other netizens in the comments section below!

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