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Beauty Gonzales Got Bashed For Her Wrong Grammar!

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People claims self-righteousness in correcting other people’s grammar. One would assume superiority correcting other people’s mistakes. In the world of social media where people can freely post whatever quotes or thoughts they had in mind, it will not fly by on a grammar nazi’s eye who is always fond of correcting people even shaming them publicly.

One victim of public shaming because of  a faulty grammatical post is former PBB Teenhousemate, Beauty Gonzales, who made her name as a known actress and rose to fame because of her body transformation and being up on stage modeling her toned body. Her Instagram post contains a selfie of hers and a caption that reads, “The more you ignore me the closer I get your wasting your time.”
This post gained a reaction from a netizen lecturing the actress quoting ‘English 101’ for the proper usage of you’re to your. This may be seen as thoughtful at once, and it received a graciously sweet response of apology and even citing MORRISSEY, the artist where she got the quote,  from Beauty herself, “you can write to MORRISSY and revoke his artistic and poetic liscence for this grammar, and please accept my apologies for forgetting the apostrophe between YOU and RE  (You’re) Tao Lang po!”

This reaction of the netizens earned sympathy and support on Beauty’s side, telling them that its’s normal to commit grammatical errors, that for as long as people or readers understand the context of what has been the post all about. Some also commented that it’s only the Filipinos who are very conscious and particular with grammar rules, because unlike with the natives or those who speak English as their first language they rarely follow these rules and they are the one who often commit grammatical errors either spoken or written.

The problem here is, the netizen reacted poorly without considering that it was only cited from a song and it was written that way. And has not been subtle enough of sending a private message, hence she opted to criticize and shame the actress on her public comment.

Beauty Gonzales deserves an applause for handling the situation with grace and admitting her ‘mistake’ though she mentioned that it was from Morrissey, the artist. Good riddance!


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