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“BE AWARE OF THIS MANYAK!!!” Guy Shares What Pervert Did to Her Friend Inside the Jeepney!

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A lot of netizens, particularly women, have been posting on social media about their encounters with perverts. Each one is a different experience but every single one of them is equally horrific. Facebook pages that reveal the identities of these perverts have garnered support from the online community in order to humiliate them, if not completely put a stop to them. Revealing their identities and showing proof in social media of their heinous acts also serves as a warning to other women to be on the lookout for these people. Recently, Facebook user Joshua Sy Bedaña posted his experience online when he watched how a stranger harassed his friend inside a jeepney.  According to the netizen, they were on their way home when he noticed the man sitting beside his friend trying to touch her leg. Because his friend felt what the man was doing, she attempted to cover her skin with a face towel. However, her attempt failed as the man was persistent enough to force his hand on the girl’s leg. 

Instead of starting a commotion, Joshua took his phone out of his bag and started recording the incident. He also managed to take photos of the unknown man’s face.

Read his full post below:

Joshua also explained that he and his friend did not wish to start a fight inside the jeepney which is why both of them kept quiet during that time. They also felt scared to say anything due to the creepy appearance of the pervert. This is why the netizen posted the photos of the man to warn other women about him if ever they see him in person.

Watch the full video below and see the entire ordeal yourself:
Here are some netizen’s comments:

What can you say about this incident? Do you think the two of them should have asked for help from the other passengers in the jeepney or was it a good idea to just post the face of the pervert online for everyone to see? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Facebook

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