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63-Year-Old Mother Took A Photo With Her Daughters. Can You Guess Who The Mother Is?

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To look years or decades younger than your real age has become one of the humankind’s biggest obsessions. With the advancements in cosmetics today, it is now possible for some to look way younger than their actual age. These women, at first glance, may look like they are in their late teens or early twenties. Check out the photo below and guess what their real ages are.

In the photo, the woman on the left is Lure Hsu. She is 41. On the right is her sister Sharon who is 36 years old. She’s a celebrity model in Taiwan. And in the middle is their mother who’s a retired dancer. She is (brace yourself) 63 years of age!

The three could pass as best friends or sisters. With those looks, their mom could easily pass as someone their age. And all three of them could certainly be deemed to be in their late adolescence.

When asked what their secret is, Lure told a Taiwanese magazine that her beauty routine includes applying moisturizer and sunblock.

“Moisturising your skin is really important,” she said. “It helps to slow down aging, and prevents wrinkles and other skin problems.”

Lure also added that drinking tons of water and eating vegetables is necessary to keep looking young and to maintain a healthy skin. She also said that they all drink black coffee in the mornings, but they avoid sugary beverages and greasy food.

“Once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles,” Lure said.

“Although the sun is not big, you should still use sunscreen as sunned skin is drier and make small spots and small fine lines easier to appear. So I think everything is simply moisturizing well and not over-exposing yourself to the sun,” she added.

Lure Hsu, the eldest of the three siblings, is a renowned blogger in and out of Taiwan. Her Instagram account has a massive 412,000 followers and several hundred more on her Facebook page.

Lure gained a huge following when she revealed her real age on social media and this impressed online users. Can you believe it? Lure is also the most famous among her siblings.

Fayfay Hsu, the second eldest was also interviewed by the magazine. She also shared her secret in keeping her youthful look.

“I have been doing that for more than a decade, I drink 350ml to 500ml,” she said.

Apparently, the sisters swear that drinking water, no pun, intended, is the fountain of youth.

Sharon, the youngest of the three sisters is the most athletic among them. Her social media accounts include photos of herself in the gym of at the beach.

No one may have guessed that behind these beautiful faces is a secret as common as the good old H20.

What are your thoughts on this? Were you impressed and inspired by their youthful looks? Do you know other tips to keep looking young? Share them with us in the comments field below.

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