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Women's Guide While Making Love: Know Your Ten Common Mistakes!

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Performance matters. For couples, especially women, need to consider things when making love in bed. Women mostly think that they are just doing it right when they see their partner is satisfied, but satisfaction is not always about on giving what a man likes but also doing the right things, too.

It sounds weird, but it is the reality. Women, sometimes, commit mistakes in bed for some reasons. Men, most of the times, ignore those things as these are not a big deal, but women can make way to avoid unexpected disappointments from him. Wanna know this? Find out this ten common mistakes for you, girls, to be aware of:

1. Not getting a bikini wax. There has been revelations that having a 'grassy' base makes most men struggled with what he wants to do.

2. Making love in the dark. Men are, in nature, very visual as they want to see your 'body wonderland' while doing it.

3. Leaving the birth control up to him. Have your own resources. Do not depend always on the guy.

4. Assuming it as love. Spending time aside from than making love is ideal for men to consider love and affection.

5. Not shaving your legs. Do not wait to the point that men think that they make love with guys, too, just because they feel that your legs are hairy, too. 6. Lying there like a lifeless flounder. Make an extra effort for the activity. Not that men always do all the work right away. Make yourself as a performer, too.

7. Using Cosmo as a love making bible. Do not fully rely on the stars. They are just guides and fully depend on them. Still, it is about you and your partner.

8. Expecting him to cuddle. There are times that men need after doing it. Do not misinterpret the situation. They got more tired, so do not always expect him a cuddle.

9. Making him responsible for your orgasm. Do not hesitate and ashamed to feel that you are almost reaching climax for he knows what he will do, too.

10. It is not that easy. Be compassionate. Men are not doing it just for you. Men are doing it for BOTH of you.

Hope these ten mistakes will change you making love lifestyle and attitude and may you both have a more wonderful and intimate relationship with your partner.

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