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WATCH THIS: Duterte Whistles and Sings to GMA News Reporter Mariz Umali During a Press Conference!

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte caught the attendees' attention of yesterday's press conference in Davao City when he made a catcall to GMA News anchor and reporter Mariz Umali. According to her, it seemed that it was improper, however, she does not expect for an apology.

"It may have been improper from a president-elect, but, of course, we will continue to do our job and we are not expecting any apology from him personally." Umali mentioned during her interview on "News To Go" on Thursday.

She also stated that there were no any statement or apology on Duterte's side, however tried to understand the situation during the conference and at the same time Duterte's personality.

She said that getting the attention of Duterte such as the raising of hands and raising of voice is a challenge for her, as such that the conference looked like a free-for-all.

Still, despite that other people kept on teasing her and Duterte, Umali did her best as she wanted Duterte to answer her question.

"I just told him (Duterte) na 'sir I'm here' in the middle of my question para hindi ko na siya hayaan pang maghanap kung nasaan yung boses na nanggagaling. Doon na niya sinagot na parang napapansin daw ako tapos sumipol na and then later on kumanta,"  she said.

"Minaintain ko na lang yung composure ko, I tried to understand what the situation was, and tried to get my answer, which I did," she added.

Watch the video below for the whole interview.

Sources: YouTube / GMA News


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