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WATCH: Kiray Celis And Handsome Boyfriend Now Engaged?

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All women dream of experiencing a once in a lifetime proposal arranged by the man of their dreams. Some want a solemn and simple while others desire a fairytale-like moment. For Kiray, it would be enough for her if the man of her dreams would kneel before her and ask for her sweet ‘yes’. Will her dream be put to reality?

Colab videos posted on their channel, their collaboration with Kiray and Kirst Viray unrevealing their engagement. In the video, the two were interviewed how they would prepare and expect their engagement.

Without going into the bush, the video revealed that it was not a proposal that everyone including Kiray is expecting. Kirst Viray is on the pressure on how he would approach Kiray to borrow a little amount of money.

During Kiray’s interview, she assumed that Kirst would be proposing to her anytime soon because she noticed that he was a bit anxious the past few days. She’s already imagining the moment when Kirst would kneel in front of her, hold her hand and ask if she can marry him in a restaurant where waiters would suddenly sing for her that will make the proposal perfectly romantic.Little did Kiray knew, Kirst would just be borrowing a little amount from her.

The right moment came not in the fancy restaurant where Kiray imagined, but it was fine with her. Just when both of them climbing on a staircase, Kirst stopped and knelt before Kiray. Without asking anything yet, Kiray immediately gave her ‘yes’. At the same time, Kiray gave her sweet affirmation lending Kirst five thousand pesos.

Where would Kirst be using the amount? Of course, we won’t spoil the answer. It’s for you to find out. All that we can say is that we never expected the twist and we want a sequel.

Watch the video below.

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