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Watch How This 13-Year-Old Girl Did Simon Cowell and the Audience Shocked!

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At first, Everyone is expecting a great performance. Because of this, performers are getting more pressured as they step up on stage and eventually showcase their talents to the audience with confidence. Despite of confidence, some are still nervous as they are afraid not to be appreciated by the crowd.

In this video, Laura Bretan, challenged herself to show her talent in America's Got Talent. That time, she admitted to the judges that she was so nervous as she witnessed a group, before her turn, who were rejected by the judges. But then, her nervousness was gone as she started singing. The crowd were stunned and amazed at what she did. Because of that, she was given a standing ovation and eventually a golden buzzer qualifying her to move instantly in the semi finals.

She sang like a professional opera singer. Her talent is indeed so special as she was hitting high notes that everyone was not expected. Simon Cowell, one of the judges in the said talent show, could not believe that he heard it from a thirteen-year-old girl. Watch the video below for you to witness how great she is!

Sources: YouTube / TNP 


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