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WARNING: Know These 6 Early Signs of Anal Cancer Before It's Too Late!

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It is too awkward and embarrassing to talk about the anus, which is the 'dead end' road to digestion. But, don't you know that this part underneath may also be prone to a serious disease, such as cancer, if not treated early?

Years have passed, scientific breakthroughs regarding cancer treatment are still on-going. Due to its hostile symptoms, treatment is so difficult to formulate to completely fight this disease. Cancer can be detected elsewhere in the body, even in the sensitive part of the butt. It is quite distressed and uncomfortable to check with a physician as this is associated with sexual activity. Anal cancer is different from colorectal as anal cancer affects only on the opening part of the rectum.

Knowing the symptoms is so important for early detection as these symptoms are not always occurring. However, various symptoms may be shown more, including the following:

- Itching in the anus
- Tenderness or pain in the anus
- Unusual bowel movements
- Anal bleeding
- Unusual discharge from the anus
- Presence of a hard area or a lump near the anus

Various methods for early detection are available in order to overcome the said disease, including:

Digital Rectal Exam. This is done by inserting the physician's finger to feel the abnormalities inside the anal cavity.

Anoscopy. A tube-like instrument will be inserted inside the cavity  to take a closer look on it.

PET scans, MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, Xltrasounds and Biopsies. These are also some procedures in identifying the cancer.

Source: HealthyFoodHealth


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