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#UltimateRelationshipGoals: Check Out What This Mother Posted on Her Facebook for Her Beloved Husband!

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Where does the concept of “relationship goals” come from? This social media hashtag or trend has been making waves on the Philippine side of social media. What does it mean?
Relationship goals define couples who are so sweet, they deserve an award or recognition for their seemingly perfect love. Facebook user Namieh Oya posted a very long post on her social media account that talked about her very loving husband. Her post was dated on June 18, Father’s Day. 

If one were to read her post, one may also tag them as the “ultimate relationship goals.” After all, these are the kinds of couples who are very expressive in showing their love and affection online. Here is her whole post that was uploaded: 

Look at her first line – very sweet, right? Who wouldn’t fall for that? If you were to ask us, her husband, Winnie Matriz, is one very lucky guy indeed. She recalled their dating days in college and reminded him that he used to have dreams of working abroad once he graduated. 

She mentioned that when she first heard that, she got anxious since she thought that she wouldn’t survive an “LDR,” or a long-distance relationship with him. But she went on to detail that when their first child was born, she was grateful that both of their families immediately accepted the news.

From that point, it could be assumed that the couple was not officially married yet. It was confirmed when Oya said that her husband has not yet finished his studies, hence their initial feeling of fear and anxiety when they broke the news that she was pregnant. Oya also recalled the time when he went on to look for another job to properly sustain their family.

The above pictures show the couple as they built their dream house together. #RelationshipGoals, indeed? Check out more of their pictures together!

Check out that extremely extravagant surprise Oya’s husband did! The picture is drowning in red all over – which is the color of love and passion!

There’s more:

This was from when they acquired what could be assumed as their first car, a Toyota Avanza.

This is them with their son, who is now a very cute boy!

Look at them bonding together!

Eating out with their son just like any happy family!

Aww, isn’t he cute? Who do you think did he got the looks from? Oya or her husband?

Truly, they are the picture of one true happy family indeed! What can you say about Oya’s post on Facebook? The #UltimateRelationshipGoals?

Do you know any other stories of #RelationshipGoals? Or any other “kilig” love stories, for that matter? Let us know in the comments section below! 

Source: LF / Facebook

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