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This Woman Was Arrested As She Ate Her Friends' and Relatives' Flesh! Incredible!

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Different untold stories of people are now widespreading to various social media sites that mostly catch the netizens' attention. If you take a look and think of those stories, some seem like they are exaggerated, thus find it unbelievable to the readers. Some might be possibly true as there are lots of basis and evidences that happened before, like this one that has been noticed by people online since then, but this is quite surprising and unimaginable.

We heard and read the acts of 'cannibalism' of people in some parts of the globe. However, this woman who allegedly doing this was so unusual because the victims are her friends and relatives! Right after she ended the lives of their loved ones, she consumes the meat.

As shown in the picture above, the woman chopped the victims and kept the flesh inside the refrigerator. Whenever she felt hungry, she used to eat the meat. She was arrested by the authority right after identifying the meat inside the fridge.

Very strange, isn't it? Do you think this can be done to people who are very close to her? Share your thoughts by posting a comment/s below.

Source: TNP


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