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“There are Monsters Inside My Body!” A Street Food Horror Story That Will Make You Squirm!

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like street food? They’re delicious, cheap, and a guilty pleasure for just about anyone walking the streets of a bustling metropolis. Kwek-kwek, kikiam, bopis, isaw, betamax, okoy, bbq, the list goes on and on! In this viral post, a netizen by the name of Henschel Ann Quinto shared her horror story that will surely make you hold on to your belly.

She said that for the past few days, she’s been eating only bananas, apples, and drinking a whole lot of Pocari Sweat. Why? Read on!

Apparently, Henschel is a huge fan of street food. She gorged on a lot of it one night. However, the following night, her stool was watery and contained hints of blood. This is just the start of her horror story.

Afterwards, her symptoms started to worsen. She suffered from fever and diarrhea, leading to countless trips to the bathroom. She was eventually admitted to a hospital where her doctor diagnosed her with Amoebiasis, she referred to it as “amoeba disease.” Her doctor said that Henschel’s stomach became a cesspool for 3 parasites – an Entamoeba histolytica cyst, an Entamoeba ocoli cyst, and a Trichomonas hominis trophozoite.

The first one is the scariest of them all because it was the main reason for her disease. It is something that can get inside your body through contaminated fluids and should not be taken lightly. Once inside your body, it never leaves and has to be monitored in order to keep the body healthy.

Here’s her message for you street food lovers out there:
“I’m sharing this for you to be aware sa mga kinakain niyo. I’m not saying na lahat ng street foods ay madumi, yun din naman sabi sakin ng doctor. But please be cautious on eating street foods. Wag niyo na pong hintayin na maranasan niyo yung naranasan ko kasi realtalk bes, ang hirap po at ang sakit. Sa mga sure kayo na sanitize ang luto at preparation kagaya nung sa mga malls. Mas expensive syempre pero mas mahal magpagamot bes! Remember, health is wealth.”
Are you a fan of eating street food? Would you still eat them after reading this? Tell us in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends! 

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