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SHOCKING: A Woman Satisfied Her Urge in Public Using Her Hand!

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There are a lot of videos being published online, showing some weird people doing some absurd acts. They have been famous not because of their talent or pretty faces, but because of their craziness. This is also an effective way for you to achieve fame, however, you really have to endure the criticisms from the public.

One of the silliest acts that was caught on raw video is a girl in a mall who was satisfying herself using her own hand. As seen on the recording, the lady was standing outside a boutique. While she was leaning on a post, her right hand was inside of her loose short shorts. Aside from that, her hand was moving fast as thunder inside, which made the public think she is playing with her sensitive pearl. The girl didn't mind civilians walking and seeing her disgusting act. She just continued doing it even if she knows she is being recorded. Here is the video of the lady:

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she might not be in her mind while she was doing it. Moreover, she can also be depressed or maybe a victim of drugs. Who knows, right? Whatever this poor girl is experiencing, she doesn't deserve the judgement of the public who sees her as is.

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