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SHOCKING: Watch How This Man Violently Hits His Girlfriend inside a Bus!

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Scenarios of violence to women are truly heartbreaking as they are the ones who mostly experience it. Women lose their right to be respected as some of them do not achieve the equality as compared to men. This old-fashioned social norm is somewhat prejudiced by a few men until now.

Nowadays, social media is a very effective tool to report on what is happening in public, just like this terrible video that caught the netizens' attention. A footage, which was uploaded by Jameson Ramirez, shows how a man violently hit and grab the hair of a woman who was probably his partner. It happened in a bus where there are lots of people inside and none of them reacted to what the guy did. In addition to the caption of the video, he bumped her head in the pole before getting off the bus.

The video quickly received sympathies to the girl and at the same time negative reactions against the guy. This ruthless treatment should not be tolerated. What the netizens said to the woman is to stand up for herself and prove to the guy that she should not be treated that way. Watch the actual video below.

Sources: ViralKicker / TNP


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