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SHOCKING: This Baby Stops Breathing along Heavy Traffic, Her Aunt Rescued Him Thru CPR!

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We idolize ordinary people who show heroic acts to others. These kind-hearted citizens are truly amazing when it comes to extending their arms to those who are in need without expecting in return.  Like any other news, this one is quite different as a passenger has spotted a trouble along the highway with heavy traffic.

A five month old infant began to stop breathing that caused his aunt to ask help from other motorist. Pamela Rauseo, 37 years old, thought that it was the last moment, seeing her niece, Sebastian, alive after noticing that he got unconscious while they were stuck in heavy traffic. As she was worried to her niece, she applied CPR to him.

"He had lost all color and was limp. Completely limp. It was frightening." Pamela said.

She promptly checks the baby and found him that he was not breathing. She screamed that time for help while her niece was laid in her arms. The dramatic act has been caught by photographer Al Diaz, who was also in the traffic situation along the Dolphin Expressway in Florida. He ran for help also and he found policeman Bastidas.
Watch the video below to see what happened.

The baby stopped breathing again and they were reviving again the baby through CPR and good thing, his lungs got working again. The baby was brought to the hospital and became stable in his condition. It was found out that he has an early detection of a respiratory problem.

Sources: YouTube / Ncatalyst


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