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SHOCKING: Read How A Daughter Disrespected His Father In Social Media?

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Our parents are the ones who take good care of us since we were young. They were the ones who guided us in our first step, taught us how to share, showed us love without asking anything in return and gave a never ending advices every minute of the day.

You cannot deny the fact that sometimes it annoys us, but we need to understand that all that they are saying are for our safety. It is for our own good.

But how could a daughter act like she was being abused by the way his father scolded her, that it ended up expressing her heartaches in public?
Read what the daughter said in the post below.

All parents wish for the best for their children. They should be loved, cared for and respected.

Source: TNP


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  1. Disrespectful daughter. Para din sa kapakanan mo yan. Buti ka nga concern ang tatay mo sayo. Pagsisisihan mo din yang sinabi mo balang araw. Parang proud na proud kapa dahil nasigawan mo xa. Tsk tsk.




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