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SHOCKING: A Man Fearlessly Announced The Public That He Will Kill Mayor Duterte!

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After the hot issue of catcalling incident between Mariz Umali, GMA 7 reporter and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, another topic are trending today in social media. 

In line with this, Joseph Robert B. Lu, a twitter account user posted on his social media account that he will try to kill the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte. His comment was after Mariz Umali posted on her twitter account regarding the catcalling incident.

See the pictures below.

The guy, bravely, stated that he will try to kill Mayor Duterte.

The netizens were shocked because we all know that Mayor Duterte is known as "The Punisher", but this guy was never bothered to say that kind of words against Duterte.

Source: LimitedTrends

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