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She Sleeps with Her Snake Every Night, This Has Stopped after the Vet Told Her This!

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There was a woman in India who is fond of taking care of exotic animals in her house. One of her pets is a four meter long python that she love much as she put it in her bed while sleeping. But the time came that her pet lost its appetite.

She was alarmed at what the snake behaves. She tried to feed the snake, but it refused to, so she decided to bring it to the veterinarian.

"Does your snake sleep with you at night, wrap around you closely and spread out throughout its length?," the vet asked her.

"Yes, yes! It does it everyday and it makes me so sad because I see it asking something for me, and I cannot help it feel better," she replied.

The Indian lady was shocked at what the doctor said to him, "Madam, your python is not sick. It's preparing to eat you. Everytime it creeps and hugs you, wrapping around your body, it's checking your size to weigh how big a meal you are and how it should get prepared before the attack. And yes, it doesn't eat in order to make enough space to digest you more easily."

We, sometimes, think of what is the best for our pets. However, an unusual kind of pet like snake should study more its behaviors to avoid unexpected moments. It's so terrible that the snake is just waiting for its moment, so be cautious!

Sources: Metahowl / TNP


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  1. The Indian lady was shocked at what the doctor said to HIM, "Madam, your python is not sick. lol typo spotted

  2. peenoise... correction maniacs,.. :3

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