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READ: The Man Who Bullied Daniel Padilla Issued a Statement About The Commotion He Made!

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The commotion happened in Daniel Padilla's Ilagan guesting has been viral on social media after a Facebook user posted a video. A lot of netizens think that the behavior of the guy in the audience was inappropriate. Others say that Daniel could've given a pertinent response toward the situation.

With regard to this matter, the guy who allegedly bullied the Teen King by giving him a dirty finger issued a statement as a response and to clear things out. The man posted on Facebook a message to Daniel Padilla, however, the man did not make his identity public. The statement was published on a page named SORRY from US. Here is a screen shot of the message:

It is good to know that someone humbled himself and apologized. It should be the start of reconciliation. Everyone deserves a second chance anyway. Let this statement be the beginning of forgiveness for both parties.

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Source: Posade


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  1. ur apology accepted but ilagay mo sa lugar hambog mo kasi ehh kaya kolang payan sa nangyre sayu




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