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Pinay GF Cheated On By Her BF Who Found A Russian Cougar While He Was Abroad Working!

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The Russian woman sent her photos showing them together in bed.

Some people cheat for a variety of reasons. When a few ‘cheaters’ were interviewed for a certain social experiment, most of them claim that they wanted to seek an ‘adventure’ outside their relationships. Many women think that men look for other ‘fish in the sea’ because they aren’t beautiful or intelligent. However, this netizen’s experience debunks all that. Because no matter how beautiful, intelligent, and loyal she was—her boyfriend still cheated on her.

Facebook user Clarise Perez was in a long distance relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, Patrick Santos Magtanong, on their 2nd year as lovers.

Though it was tough to be apart from each other, Clarise was patient, as Patrick’s reason for staying away for the meantime was his ‘job’. Apparently, Patrick was working in Macau as a host (male hostess).

But her world was shattered when a Russian woman sent her photos on social media. In the said photos, Patrick and the Russian woman were together in bed.

Soon, her social media accounts, including IG, showed numerous pictures of Patrick and her together.

Though Patrick denied it at first, the evidence proved otherwise. He has not only admitted to his faults, but he even provoked Clarise to post it on her Facebook account.

Here’s her final say:

“If you can’t stay faithful, don’t be in a relationship. It’s that simple. And to the idiot Russian girl who had the audacity to get her itch scratched by someone taken, he will do the same thing to you. Good luck, my boyfriend has no concept of loyalty.”

However, Patrick’s brother who is currently in South Korea sent Clarise a message of apology. He apologized on behalf of his cheating brother.

"Cheaters will always be cheaters."

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