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Notice the Half-Moon Shaped Thing in Your Nails? Find out Its Importance to Your Health!

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Do you notice an oval semi-circular shape of nails which is found at the roots of it? Most of us are not aware the significance of this nail part that is so sensitive and considered most sensitive part.

This is called the lunula which came from the Latin word meaning small moon. Like said, it is too sensitive that it should not be damaged nor torn due to unexpected nail drop offs. The purpose of lunula is to maintain the form of the nails while growing, that is why if it will be damaged, expect the deformity of it.

The most visible lunula is in the thumbs and the size of it varies with every person. Sometimes, it is covered with a layer of skin called eponychium.

According to studies of professionals in alternative medicine, lunula has an important role, then it comes to general health. Chinese traditional medicine claimed that a small lunula means anemia or bad diet habits, having blue lunula means greater chance of diabetes. If it is pink or red with spots, there might be a possible heart problem. Too little lunula means having indigestion which causes slow metabolism of a person.

Source: BeautyHealthPage


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