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Not Wearing a Helmet, a Woman Hit Her Head to Death in a Motorcycle Accident in Taguig!

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Not Wearing a Helmet, a Woman Hit Her Head to Death in a Motorcycle Accident in Taguig
Everyone is not exempted to different kinds of accidents. All we have to do is to be aware of the precautions in the surroundings of us not to be a victim of this unfortunate incident. But sadly, some of us are ignoring those precautions that is why, still, there are a few who unluckily survive the event.

When it comes to road accidents, motorcycles are more prone to it. That is why wearing a helmet is a must to do in order to avoid, as much as possible, head injury. However, these women tested their luck of not wearing helmet while driving. According to Jester Banday in his post at GMA News YouScoopers, the three, including the driver, accidentally crashed into a street in Lower Bicutan, Taguig City early morning today at around 1AM. Two of them were injured while the other one is dead.

Hope this will serve as a lesson to those who are still taking their risks and believing in their own lucks while driving motorcycles without a helmet. Let us first think of what is for our safety at all times before using the vehicle.

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  1. syang nmn ang ganda p nmn nung girl.. tssk tsssk tsssk

  2. ang ganda pa naman ng paa nya.. panalo! sayang naman sya...

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  4. That's why I want my girlfriend to always wear a helmet. Baka kasi mauntog.

  5. Amm.. Around midnight po ang nangyaring acidente not 1 am

  6. Very Sad News. Actually some people felling boar to wear helmet. But they don,t think about safety like that victim lady. We always keep in mind that like petrol, wheel, helmets also be part of the motorcycle. Get some women helmet tips Here

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