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MUST WATCH: You'll Get Surprised to a Former Royal Family Who Said That They Own The Philippines!

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As we all know based on what we learned in school, there are controversial stories of history are not that popular that time. At the time internet was introduced to humans, those controversies are being shared very fast, especially when using different social media sites. One of those documentaries made was about claiming of Philippine land by a former royal family Tagean-Tallano.

As this has been strongly claimed by the said clan, many people are not convinced thus consider it already as untrue. However, based on the documentary made for this issue, the family has proofs showing that they claim the Philippines, which states the ownership of the whole archipelago with title, a decision from the court, sheriff's return, annotations and other certificates with regards to the said ownership. It has been mentioned in the documentation that the Philippine islands was part, until now, of a kingdom named Maharlika including the islands of Hawaii and Guam from 9th to 15th century before the Spaniards came. King Luising Tagean-Tallano, one of the kings in the said group was Raja Lapu-Lapu and Raja Soliman's father.

Another thing, that is now very contrary to school teachings, is that the United States was not  the one who paid for the USD 20 million in the Treaty of Paris, but it was Don Esteban Benitez Tallano, great grandfather of Prince Julian Morden Tallano, the current spokesperson of the clan. It has been stated that Titula De Compra was later transferred to a Torrens Title through Act 496 which was recognized on October 3, 1904. The said document also has a higher significance compared to other existing documents.

There was a very strong and challenging quote by Prince Tallayo saying, "Darating ang araw wala nang squatter na Filipino sa Pilipinas."

Is it convincing based on gathering information above? Check out the video below for you to know more!

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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