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MUST WATCH: A Video Revealing The Secrets On How To Fight Insomia Right Away!

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Sleeping is a very important thing that you should have everyday. 6-8 hours of a good quality sleep is what you need in order to have a healthier body. While sleeping, your body relaxed and your body cells have time to regenerate. It also helps your brain cells free from stress as it takes the rest during sleeping hour. 

Sleep deficiency might put your life at risk. Not having a good quality sleep can weaken your body, especially your immune system. 

Insomnia is one cause why you are having a sleep deficiency. It is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/ or staying asleep.

Here are the tips from Dr. Willie Ong that will surely give you a better sleeping habit:

1. Count your blessings, instead of counting the sheep.
2. Turn on your radio and listen to mellow music.
3. Make your body tired before going to sleep.
4. Take some supplements that are rich in melatonin.
5. Take some chamomile tea before sleeping.
6. Make sure that you are comfortable with your bed.
7. Sleep in a comfortable room.
8. Avoid having early morning meetings so you will not be pressured in sleeping.
9. Do not engage in any mental activities after 6pm.
10. Lessen the amount of caffeine and alcohol intake.
11. Exercise regularly.
12. Have a regular diet.
13. Have a regular sleeping and waking schedule.
14. Always leave your worries to the Creator.
Watch the video below to see the full details.

Hope these simple steps will help you to fight insomnia and have a good quality of sleep.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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