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MUST WATCH: A Video Of A Step Father Who Violated A 3 Year Old Girl In Front Of Her Paralyzed Mother!

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Parents are the ones who always give unconditional love for their children. They are the ones who always guide and support their needs. Especially, the mother who conceived the child for a long time and put her life at risk in order to give one's life.

But why there are cases that it's hard to understand, that the parents are the ones who give burden to their children? 

Last May 19, 2016, a  heinous crime happened in Calabanga, Camarines Sur. According to the report a step father, Marlon Estefanio violated his stepdaughter in front of her paralyzed mother. Lima Malaya has two daughters. A 3 year old and a five month old baby. 

The paralyzed mother had nothing to do but cry while watching how her live in partner violated her daughter. The 3 year old girl had bruises and broken bones, she was sent to the hospital but died. The five month old baby also died due to malnutritions. 
Watch the Video below to know the full story.

According to Malaya, her live in partner was used to abuse her everyday. But she cannot do anything because of her condition.

Source: ABS-CBN News


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