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MUST WATCH: A Video Of A Mother Hitting Her Child To Death In McDonalds!

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Our moms are the ones who always make sure that we are safe, healthy and happy. They are always there to guide us. They do great things every day without asking something in return, that is their unconditional love for us. Always held their hands to help us and support us in all we do.

But how can a mother show cruelty to her child? After putting her life at risk for giving birth to her child?

The video below will show you how a mother hurt her child in a public place. The woman has no pity on the child while hitting it on the face. While crying, the woman covered the face of the child that it cannot breath.
Watch the video below.

What can you say about the video? Did you think that the mother should undergo psychological tests?  Or should face a child abuse case?

Let me hear from you. Write your comments below.

Sources: Facebook / TNP


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