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MUST WATCH: A Transgender Woman Was Ruthlessly Killed and Put the Body in a Suitcase... Shocking!

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Facebook (FB) is one of the most frequently used online social networking sites. In this site, you can add friends, connect with other people and post status updates on what is happening and what a person is feeling that moment. Facebook serves as a medium for them to express their feelings such as sharing their sympathies to those who are struggling hard in life, like this one which make the netizens disturbed.

Paris Meer posted a photo and a video on FB of her transgender friend, tagged as Barbie Ann Reilly, who was ruthlessly killed and put the dead body in a luggage. She was surprised that she could not imagine of what happened and she was so angry to her friend's fiance who is the prime suspect. According to the video, the said killer is a Chinese national and the crime was happened in a condominium in Pasay City.

The said crime was reported and aired in a news program. Below is the video of the report.

Source: Facebook


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  1. She was a transgender woman, not a transgender "guy".

    If you are going to be a news source, could you at least keep your bigotry and transphobia to yourself?

  2. Was suppose to say same statement, get your facts straight and check your grammar as well! Had to repeat for emphasis, she is a transgender woman!

  3. Same here, she's a transgerder woman, not guy.




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