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WATCH: A Tragic Video Of A Balikbayan In Majayjay Falls, Laguna!

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One Balikbayan spent his vacation with his relatives visiting one of the famous falls in Laguna, Majayjay falls. Darrel Flemming and his relatives were very excited for that day. He makes sure that every moment spend with his loved ones will be remembered, so he recorded their trip to Majayjay falls.

It was a bit long trekking experience before you can reach the beautiful Majayjay falls. The group was very happy while on their way to the falls. When they reached the falls, they jumped and swam on to it. They enjoyed the clear and fresh water of the falls.

All were very happy, until a natural phenomenon happened that they will never forget.
Watch the video below to see what happened.

It is good to explore the beauty of your own land, but first, you must need to know the place very well. You must always think for your safety.

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