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MUST WATCH: The Reasons Why Boys Look At Beautiful Girls Around!

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Did you think that guys are naturally womanizer even in just a little thing they do? Or just being curious that is why they look at beautiful girls even their girls are with them?

One of the causes of "LQ" or lovers' quarrel is when the guy looks after the other girls while with their special someone. It is the reason why the girl gets jealous and starts a fight between them. Most women are getting mad once they caught the eyes of their boys are not on them, but on the other sexy and beautiful girl beside them.

The men look at the other women because they are older women. 

According to research in Prager University, men look at the other girls because it is another woman. It doesn't mean that when they look at her, your man likes her. It does not mean also that your man is comparing you to the other girl like what girls are usually thought of.
Watch the video below to understand why men look at the other women.

It is not always what you think is right, girls? It is a matter of understanding and trust to your loved one.

Sources: YouTube / Wereblog


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