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MUST WATCH: Look What Did The Guy Do While The Girls In Bikinis Are Taking Shower!

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Pranks today are widespread all over social media. There are different styles of it. Some pranks are scary, sometimes are funny and entertaining, other pranks are so dangerous that can hurt their victims and lead to tragic.

But this prank that you are going to see is very funny. You will see in the video below how the sexy ladies in their bikinis go crazy while taking a shower because they cannot stop rinsing their hair.

The guy who was doing the prank, keep putting the shampoo on the head of the girls. While the girls were continuously rinsed it off. 

While taking a shower, the guy kept on putting the shampoo on their head.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

You see how the girls react when being pissed off? Did you like what you have watched?

Let me hear from you. Write your comments below.

Sources: YouTube / Wereblog


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