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MUST WATCH: A Lady Confronted A Guy While Doing Pick Pocketing On A Jeepney!

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Nowadays, there are lots of crime reports such as rape, assault, robbery etc. Everywhere you go, you must know how to protect yourself. You must be very observant with the people around you and what kind of environment you are into.

But what will you do if you witness one of these crimes? How would you react? Are you willing to be involved in order to save the lives of others? Or you will just sit down and wait for the next thing to happen?

In line with this, a girl on a public vehicle recorded a video of a man while doing pick pocketing. She noticed that the other hand, of the guy was reaching the bag on the other passenger on the jeepney.
Watch the video below and see how the brave girl confront the guy.

Always be alert, no one can protect you from these evil things, but you, yourself!

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