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MUST WATCH: House Speaker Sonny Belmonte Kissing the Neck Of Ms. World Megan Young!

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After the hot issue about catcalling of the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to the GMA 7 reporter, Mariz Umali. Another trending issue was most talked about in social media today. 

A photo of one of the members of the Liberal Party, Speaker of the House of Representative of the Philippines, Sonny Belmonte, kissing the neck of Ms. World, Megan Young.
The photo was uploaded in twitter account by Maxwell with the title "So whistling is bad? How about this lewd pic of LP leader Belmonte doing his thing w/ Ms. World Megan Young? Bastos!"

So what can you say about this? Is this act shows disrespect? 

Let me hear from you. Write your comments below.

Sources: Twitter / TNP 


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