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MUST WATCH: A Boy Crawls In The Street While Begging For His Girlfriend Not To Leave Him!

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LOVE is a many splendid things. LOVE conquers all. LOVE moves in mysterious ways. 

Love... Love... Love... But what would you think will happen to you if the love of your life will be gone forever?

Breaking up is the hardest part of the relationship. After how many years of being together, it will just end up having separate ways. After all the struggles and trials that you have been through, you will choose to live being apart from each other. It is really hard, right?

That is why a man from Huai'an City, China shamelessly begs her girlfriend in public to please not to leave him. 

The man got down on the floor as he was holding the leg of his girlfriend while saying "Please, don't leave me." You may watch the video here:

The man does not care about what the people may say about him. His major concern is to win the heart of the girl he loves the most.

As partners, you should know your responsibilities, when to talk and when to listen. A relationship is a give and take process. A good relationship is not by destiny, you should exert efforts and work hard to achieve it. It is not just Love.. Love... Love...

Sources: Viral4Real  / TNP


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