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MUST WATCH: Alex Gonzaga Was Pushed Away By Toni Gonzaga While Singing And Holding Her Tummy!

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The Tatlong Bibe Song is a nursery rhyme song that became popular in social media. Everyone is singing this song. Even when you are in the office, malls, you can hear people singing and humming this song. It is the new sensation of the public.

Even the actors and actresses in showbiz industry has their own version of this nursery rhyme song and uploaded in their social media accounts. Everyone is entertained with this cute song.

Alex Gonzaga also recorded her own version of "The Tatlong Bibe" song, but this time, she is not alone. She was singing to the child of her sister Toni Gonzaga while holding her tummy. In the middle of the song, Toni pushed Alex as she was telling her to stop. 
Watch the video below to see what happened.

Everyone is excited for the upcoming baby of Toni Gonzaga, not only her family but also her fans.

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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