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MUST SEE: What Did Your Nightmares Tell About Your Future?

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We are all sure that we already experienced having a bad dream. But does it come to your mind to ask why do we sometimes experience nightmares? Does it relate to the last thing that we had in our mind before we go to sleep? Or it is just the brain that is still conscious during our sleep?

But don't you know that these nightmares mean something? It is not just an ordinary dream, but sometimes a sign or warning.

See the list below and identify the meaning of your nightmares.

TOP 10. Natural Disaster

Have you ever dreamt of a hurricane or tornado? It means that something is about to happen. If the weather is unpredictable and you can't control it. It means that you are having a lot of problems throughout the day. You have a big chance to have this kind of dream when you are stressed into something, like, you are nervous because of the upcoming exams or a speech that you need to recite in front of many people.

TOP 9. Seeing Dead People

Seeing dead people in your dreams means that you are not able to let go of someone. One of the major reasons why people are having this kind of dreams is because a person is suffering with a serious health problem.

TOP 8. Missing Out An Important Event

If you dreamt that you forgot your wedding day or an important occasion, it means that you are not able to perform well as what you expect from yourself. 

TOP 7. Being Naked

If you have this weird dream, getting naked in the public. It means that you are suffering in insecurities and lack of self confidence

TOP 6. The Teeth Are Falling Out

If the person dreamt of his teeth are falling out, it means that he is  suffering from emotional stress because of criticism regarding his physical aspect.
TOP 5. Having Injuries

When you had a nightmare of having physical injury, it means that you emotionally weak in your personal life. It is a good sign for you to focus on your weak points and develop it.

TOP 4. Your Partner Left You

It means that you have your insecurities in yourself, thinking that you cannot do your responsibility as a good partner.

TOP 3. Being Trapped

When you had this kind of dream, it means that you are not brave enough to face your problems. You are just scared that your problems will not be solved any more.

TOP 2. Falling

It means that the person is suffering from anxiety which he cannot control. It also means that you are having problem with money, relationship and career.

TOP 1. Getting Chased and Attacked

When your experience of having chased by an animal or a person in your dream, it means that you are afraid of confrontation.

Hope this list helps you to understand your dreams.


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  1. You can also add that having dream of pulling out of tooth it means, someone is about to die, whether he or she is close to you.




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