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MUST SEE: Nadine Lustre's Humble Beginnings Are Truly Inspiring!

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It is undeniable that Nadine Lustre is one of the top and most in-demand young actress of Philippine show business. With her endorsements, top-rating shows and high grossing movies, she has truly been blessed through the years. However, this kind of success didn't happen overnight. It surely needs patience, perseverance and hard-work.

Now, let us look back where Lustre started. At the age of 9, she became a TV host in a children-oriented show broadcasted in RPN. She also got a chance to be featured as a host in Disney Channel Asia. Because of her talent, she was able to sign a contract with Viva Entertainment. Aside from that, Nadine has been an in-demand endorser of different product lines. We found a video showing a raw, fresh and beautiful Nadine Lustre. You may watch the video here:

This is an inspiration to all youth and "young at heart." If you feel you are underpaid or success is so elusive, focus on your goal and you will eventually claim your spot in the limelight. :)

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