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MUST SEE: Is Mariz Umali A Supporter of the Liberal Party? Surprising!

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Recently, many controversies have been circulating online which makes most of the netizens interested. Just like the issue with regards to the president elect Rodrigo Duterte's catcalling to MA news reporter MAriz Umali few days ago. This has been one of the hottest issues against him, who have been proclaimed already and will take his oath soon as the next president.

On the other hand, a surprising news that is now trending which makes most of the Duterte's supporters quite upset. There was a photo of Mariz Umali together with an unknown man wearing a yellow shirt making a pose showing the Liberal Party sign. It was taken during the Ninoy Aquino fun run event.

No idea who was with Mariz in the said photo. But what do you think the photo conveys to us and how the photo is related to her previous issue with Duterte? You may share your thoughts by posting a comment/s below.


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