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MUST READ: Check the Shape of Your Belly Button and Know Its Meaning!

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Every body part exhibits differences in each individual. It also varies on size and appearance. This has also been connected to a certain personality and even a person's health.

This article features a certain body part that we usually unnoticed as we grow up. Aside from it is connected to a mother's womb through an umbilical cord before birth, navel reveals also the health condition of a person.

1. Button Type Shape
This could be a sign of hernia. It means that a person might lift something that is heavy.

2. Small Bump Shape
People having this might be prone to various viruses and flu.

3. Tucked Shape
It means that a person might experience problems in the digestive tract. There may be weight problems, too.

4. Almond-Look Belly Shape
A person might suffer from migraine, muscle and bone pain. Brittle bones may be visible having this.

5. U-Shaped Buldge
This may be related to kidney, and skin disease.

There may be instances that the shape of the navel was deformed at the time of birth.

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